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For experienced Odoo Professionals

Gain entry to highly experienced Odoo professionals who have successfully implemented Odoo for you before. Additionally, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to each project, guiding you through every aspect from start to finish.

Scale your teams on demand,
without long term commitment.

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Great methodologies & training

Our extensive experience in overseeing large-scale projects. Gain control over your processes with our comprehensive platform and methodologies.
We offer the tools to effectively manage projects, facilitate collaboration on specifications, automate testing, and ensure swift and seamless deployment.


Test our service. It's free!

Need to develop a specific feature? Just send a specification to test our service for free. No commitment required, get feedback within 3 open days:

  1. Submit a specification
  2. We do the technical assessment
  3. Within 2-3 days, we send you:
    • Technical feedback
    • Quotation
    • Meeting proposal for review

If you don't have a specification ready, with us and we'll write the specification for you.

Send your specification.

Send a specification of 1-3 features, to test our service for free, without commitments.

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